Wetsuit defence

Neoprene wetsuits, 60 bash 60 cut. Please tell me it’s a bug.
Wetsuits are made of foamed neoprene (there’s gas bubbles in) and are usually 5~7mm thick.
A few milimeters of Foamed neoprene can’t withstand the same punishment as a kevlar vest.

The devs will kind it eventually…
In the mean time…

Yea that’s absurd, will at least halve the thickness.

Even half that defense might work for, like, a rugged heavy duty wetsuit intended for caving, but it’s still a bit much for your average dip-in-the-ocean-wetsuit.

I’ve got a PR up to fix this, #2604.

Straightforward change - merged.

How do wetsuits work right now in the game anyway? Do they just prevent heat loss from water or something?

They count as “water friendly”, which helps to reduce the wet penalty or convert it into a potential bonus instead of a penalty.

They’re “water friendly”, if you’re only wearing water friendly clothes, the effect of wetness on morale is based on abient temperature, basically if it’s warm it’s a mildly good thing, and if it’s cold it’s bad. Wearing non water friendly clothes means you use the old system where it’s strictly bad.
Wetsuits in particular are quite warm and have extensive coverage.
There’s no special treatment for the wetsuit “water pocket” effect.