WS-47G Moisture Retention Suit

So, today I came across a Moisture Retention Suit in a bank vault. Normally I don’t wear them because I decided a speed boost would be a severe penalty during fights, but then I realised it would still be useful for a ranged character. Being sufficiently tech-savvy, I pulled up armor.json to see just how high the penalty is to find… Nothing. At all. The .json entry for the Moisture Retention Suit lists it as a perfectly normal, heavily encumbering, piece of clothing.

Obviously that doesn’t line up with the description so I tried it on ingame. Still nothing. This suggests one of two things:

  1. The Moisture Retention Suit’s ability is completely hidden even from the character ingame, which seems stupid, or:
  2. The Moisture Retention Suit has no ability and does nothing.

Both possibilities are less than good, so what’s going on there? Did somebody forget to actually make it work before putting it in the game?

It’s hardcoded and and hidden.

Similar to the bayonet attachment from the combat knife? (In that it can only go on underbarrel)

Wearing it didn’t show the speed penalty in my character screen and I couldn’t find any code for it in Github. Could you point it out?

It’s also hardcoded, probably. You’ll see a notable difference in speed when you put it on.
I’m not even sure it’s an attack speed penalty, just a movement speed penalty.

The id “stillsuit” is referenced in player.cpp in two places: when calculating thirst (-30% of base thirst rate) and when calculating movement speed (*110%).

Move speed multiplier are generally not revealed to player properly.

Huh, there you go. I found the code that time. Not sure why it didn’t come up the first time I looked, but thanks!

Perhaps it should be made a little more obvious rather than a vague description?

It’s a rare item with a rather minor effect and no obvious solution so it’s low priority.

That’s fair. I just never realised till now that it’s actually semi-useful.