Swimming sports items

We need some new items to add to the sport shops.

Swimming vest - provides more bashing then cutting protection and makes character not to drown.

Oar - you know, a thing to hit zombies.

The “swimming vest” already exists (at least in the dev version), it’s called the “floatation vest”.

I want boats.

I like trains!

Train passes by
I like turtles

Thought I should mention this: Neoprene Wetsuits, swimming booties and gloves are now commonly found in sports stores.

The wetsuits in particular have 60 bash 60 cut defence, which is kinda ridiculous. No, not kinda, just plain crazy.
A Neoprene wetsuit has twice the bashing defence of a kevlar vest and the same resistance to bullets and cutting damage?


So pick something reasonable, edit the code, submit a pull request, and voila! 1-2 days from now it will be fixed.