Gallon jug as a vehicle tank?

Why can I not rig a vehicle tank from gallon jugs or plastic bottles? I assume it’d have very low durability but… why not?

Edit: patch here Debian Pastezone

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Most certainly because noone has coded that (yet), since it will take up time that could be used otherwise?

Although I’m not sure if gasoline wouldn’t eat up a plastic bottle, especially consindering it might flow back hot (I don’t know how that system is called in english).

the item has to co-relate with an existing vehicle tank, so while you could put a gallon jug as a recipe component for a fuel tank… taking it apart would yield the steel jerrycan it usually does…

… which leads to exploit shenanigans.

it’d have to be a whole different recipe, which you could do! basically just need to copy/paste the existing vehicle tank, rename it to ‘plastic vehicle tank’ or something similar, recipe to use plastic bottles of various types, etc etc.

Yes, I did that just that.

I wanted to patch all the plastic tanks to be repairable by glue instead of soldering iron and then rebase my patch on top of that before posting it. Why does one repair plastic jerrycans with soldering iron?

Reflowing (melting) the plastic. It usually gets sturdier than just gluing it and doesn’t come with a long drying/hardening phase.
If done right, it’s like new.

Ah, ok.

Patch here: Debian Pastezone

This could make a nice pull-request, and would be useful for early game stuff like making a motorized bike.

thinksome has already stated that he has no intention of using github due to personal reasons… but also probably doesnt care if you make a pull request for them. (if you wanna confirm or deny that thinksome thats up to you XD)

That’s exactly what I’m using this for: 2*2L liquid storage on a 50kg 2-tile forest/tight spaces cargo motorbike for almost no additional weight.

Indeed, I will not use a proprietary platform (GitHub) for development of free software. I consider it unethical. My patches are in ‘git format-patch’ format, which makes them easily integrated using ‘git am’ for whoever wishes to do so (and then you might git push it all somewhere and click proprietary buttons).

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