Weirdness with weather effects and farming

I’m on experimental 3068 and I’ve noticed a few problems.

First, it seems plants mature much, much too quickly. I planted some seedlings, fertilized them, then changed z-levels nearby. This was at a LMOE shelter. I came back up later that same day, and the plants had matured again. I fertilized them once more to test this weirdness and switched z-levels yet again, and the plants had gone to mature. By the next day, they were ready to be harvested. The plant in question was oats, but I’m also noticing oddness with buckwheat and wild vegetable stems.

Another thing is that weather temperature seems to fluctuate oddly. I will be walking around and be chilly, and I will then be told it is (rising) sporadically before settling back down to chilly. I’m not near any fire or any sources of heat when this happens.

When it is sunny out, I will be spammed with the “sunlight’s glare makes it hard to see” message over and over unless I wear sunglasses or get out of the light.

I don’t know about the plants (will scan the code, maybe it’s an obvious bug somewhere).

Temperature may just be wind. If it only happens outside, it’s probably it.

As for the glare: it is supposed to be repeated once in a while, but not to the point of spam. Will check, maybe something broke.