Weird wacky horrifying Cataclysm

Let’s make a list of suggestions for things to keep the cataclysm wierd, wacky and horrifying, while keeping it within the themes and lore of the game.

Some of my suggestions:

Add a senior researcher profession that starts with several artifects.

Give telleglow or certain nether creature attacks more wacky effects: random temporary changes in stats and Purely cosmetic permanent changes like changes in age, height and sex.

Give Mutagens a small chance to change your blood type.

Make it possible to use mutagens on your pets. With them turning either into horrifying monstosities that tear apart your enemies or you or gives them crippiling mutations that means you have to put them out of their misery (mutagens where designed for humans not for animals).

Add a tiger owner profession that allows you to start with one or multiple friendly tigers. (goes well with above suggestion)

Not sure if this is a thing in game or not already.

Allow for consuming too many mutations to turn you into a crippled mess that can’t move, eat, drink, etc. The suicide option is disabled and you have to wait until you die or start a new game.

I like the researcher idea, but maybe start with just one artifact & the ability to see any artifacts effects instead of activating and waiting to see what happens.

I really haven’t messed with artifacts much but don’t remember being able to see what they do without crossing my fingers & activating them. Maybe I’m just misremembering though

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Yeah, the artifacts are always a flip of the coin. But that’s part of the fun I suppose.

A it makes getting good artifacts all the more relieving.

Like this one Artifact that gave constant healing, making me Invincible; But had a constant hit to my health. Turning me into something of a literal Lich.

All Immortal but the complexion of a corpse.