Weight of light quarterpanel vs weight of quarterpanel

I noticed that light quarterpanel weights 2.8 ibs and quarterpanel weights 2.2 ibs…
Demitri of fetunchini

This apparently was never adjusted. A few other fun discrepencies with quarterpanels:

Cloth:                 1.7 lbs,  15 dur
Folding Extra Light :  2.8 lbs,  30 dur
Extra Light:           2.8 lbs, 100 dur
Quarterpanel :         2.2 lbs, 240 dur
Wooden Quarterpanel:  12.3 lbs, 300 dur
Heavy Duty :          28.4 lbs, 1000 dur

I suggest that while anything Folding is probably heavier than it’s non-folding variant, anything “extra light” should weigh less than normal. And the jump from Quarterpanel to Heavy Duty is HUGE.


And why are quarter panels so light? Less than three pounds to cover an entire side of a car?

If they were modern plastics, sure, but these are made out of sheet metal.

They inherit the weight of the sheet metal item.