Merely jotting this down for posterity and/or before I forget:

Smoking too much weed, dunno - like 10 joints per day constantly, should make player character acquire paranoid trait. Though I’m not sure about the effects. On one hand it could make him more aware, but on the other make for many false positives (akin to schizophrenia). Given that most of the game is a lone player vs. the world the situation lends itself to paranoic states of mind.

anywayz, food for thought,

It would be fun to make the “Paranoid trait”… to make it give false zombie sights in the cardinal thing on the sidebar!


I used to smoke weed like everyday when I was living in canada and I never got paranoid. I almost got unconscious once, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Then again, it’s different for other people.


I smoke daily, have for almost twenty years now. I don’t think weed’s ever made me paranoid.

Yeah, as far as I am aware (and as far as my texts suggest) there is no link between longterm cannabis use and paranoia.

That said, like many types of highs, setting and circumstances can ‘guide’ the high towards exaggerated emotions. The paranoia thing probably comes from inexperienced drug users, using drugs while worrying about getting caught. This never happened to me, but it does seem to for others.

So I’m not sure I would rule out weed making someone paranoid in a zombie apocalypse setting. You’re kinda already primed for serious fight/flight anxiety in that situation.

Of course, I’m perfectly aware that paranoia is 97% induced by weed being illegal and not socially acceptable in some (most?) parts of the world. In healthier societies this would be a non-issue.

Still, extensive use affects one’s “normal” neuro-transmitters levels even when not under influence of “active” high. And given the in-game stressful situation and isolation could lead to similar effects.

Perhaps, as a first stage we could add negative “paranoid” trait alongside already existing schizophrenia…

bongs up,

Studies demonstrate that Paranoia occurs more often when taking a placebo. So that should at least give you an idea of what the likely cause is. :wink:

Because its relevent:

[size=72pt]SMOKE WEED ERRYDAY[/size]
[size=72pt]SMOKE WEED ERRYDAY[/size]
[size=72pt]SMOKE WEED ERRYDAY[/size]
[size=72pt]SMOKE FEAR ERRYDAY[/size]

But yeah, Paranoia as a trait could be fun, but i doubt it would come from weed

… Speaking of weed side effects, does it give you munchies in-game?

It increases hunger a bit, and thirst as well (dry mouth) so yeah. Though to be spot-on, it should increase the morale boost from eating while under its effects.

It increases hunger a bit, and thirst as well (dry mouth) so yeah. Though to be spot-on, it should increase the morale boost from eating while under its effects.[/quote]
That’d be great. [S]Now we just need Taco Bells and we’d be set.[/S]

You’re too much into that ‘weed’ thing. Go do something cool and smoke walnut leafs.

Ha! Evolutionarily speaking a touch of paranoia is an advantageous trait. Those not paranoid enough prolly where the first to fall into traps and die from too much optimism, while overly paranoid killed themselves off in the in-fighting shootouts.

In-gama paranoia should probably be on the overly paranoid side with difficulties of trusting NPCs and being haunted with weird “effects”.

With a little thought, temporary acquisition of the trait could be extended to abuse of other psycho-active substances…

god damn stroustrup,

Dunno, smoking weed seems to trigger my already existing paranoia. So think the OP might have the cause effect link the wrong way around.

Maybe Paranoia should be a negative trait and it should get worse by these kind of drugs.

I used to smoke a g or 2 a day and did notice some paranoia, but a) It may have had something to do with the garbage bags full of the stuff in the shed, b) I was an all day every day hydro smoking stoner and c) It was very low level, I also knew it wasnt really stuff to be worried about. Even after a few years like that though, a bit less than a week off it and I was as normal as ive ever been again.

as a trait maybe otherwise i wouldnt agree without mixing your weed with coke or crack in which its the only time ive become paranoid with coke that is i wouldnt touch crack :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I smoke weed every day and I’ve never experienced paranoia…Okay so i know for a fact the CIA is watching me all the time in tiny black helicopters, They know i smoke marijuana and want to bust me! They probably have my interwebs tapped too, also the DEA has my phone tapped… Im not paranoid if this is really happening to me am I?