Marijuana variants/concentrates?

Personally, id like to see a few additions in the comestibles department.
Variants of marijuana.
Not different strains or anything like that.
I mean the addition of wax and hash and oil.
Several rarer forms of marijuana with the same duration as marijuanas status effects but stronger and slightly less space consuming, most likely going from marijuana to hash to wax to oil in order of increasing strength, decreasing space consumption and increasing rarity.
Possibly the addition of a drowsiness effect with hash.
What are your thoughts?

An avid stoner.


Also, cigarettes and weed should induce a coughing effect on the player like a cold does.

Sounds complicated.

It does sound overly complicated for little gain. Weed isn’t even that useful over all in the game lol.

But I understand where you’re coming from, it’d be nice to be able to smoke chron in game to make up for having to smoke regs in person hahaha.

[quote=“gtaguy, post:2, topic:1546”]Yes.

Also, cigarettes and weed should induce a coughing effect on the player like a cold does.[/quote]

I totally agree.
On a realism note, smoking marijuana will almost always make you cough. Always.
Or atleast if its “Dat good 'ish” it will.

I think it should be a slightly quieter cough if possible, as the cough that results is somewhat dampened and less severe in comparison to actual medical condition related coughing.

Hash Oil Recipe: Weed + Alcohol + Hotplate.

Prolly need a crack pipe to smoke properly…although now I think about it, there’s nothing needed to smoke weed with except a lighter.

Not really sure what the point would be except variety - atm marijuana doesn’t occupy much volume, and it stacks without increasing volume. Personally I’d just increase the morale bonus for it.

Yeah, it would pretty much be solely for variety/novelty purposes.
I think it would be a neat thing to see though.
We know, obviously as Cataclysm players, variety is some kick ass stuff.

You make a good point on the volume occupation, morale for basic weed is already pretty high but it could go up a slight bit more I guess.
Maybe even a “Skunk” variety, with per say less CBD and more THC than normal weed that results in a possible hallucination chance effect, possible schizophrenia trait inducing chance effect and maybe even a damage to morale effect.