Weather Conditions/Vehicle Handling

Would it be possible to make it so that taking hard turns during a thunderstorm or snowstorm would cause your vehicle to drift like when the handbrake is pulled? And in general, stopping and controlling the vehicle to be more difficult? It seems too easy to control the vehicle once your driving skill gets to 5 or 6, and there is no apparent difference in vehicle control if it is a clear summer day or a bad snowstorm, which seems like an oversight.

This could be cool :slight_smile:

we need acid rain back, just so the tyres can be melted off.

Holy shit i forgot acid rain used to be a thing lol.
It shows how long ago that was removed

Vehicle traction is on my TODO list, although at first it would be less about losing control and more about requiring big wheels to move offroad at reasonable speed.

That makes sense. Thanks, Coolthulhu.

Acid rain was the most annoying part of old-gen cataclysm. Please never bring it back, devs.

I don’t know, I think I’d want to experience acid rain sometime again. There’s nothing in the game that can keep you holed up in your base weather-wise, and nothing that the weather system currently throws at you can’t be countered with a good winter coat or a set of warm winter clothes. I’m all for dangerous stuff waiting for you outside, but then again Kevin already explained why acid rain won’t be coming back so we’ll have to look for something else.

Things like Snow/Rain/Fog could cut down on visibility while driving making driving a bit more hazardous.

Also air conditioning units might be a feasible addition to regulate temperature during more extreme months.

Lord knows sitting in my car in summer is like stepping into an oven during hotter periods, and its like parking your ass in a freezer during Winter, so that might be something worth looking into. Especially when storing perishable food in trunk-space.

[quote=“Straume21, post:6, topic:10906”]That makes sense. Thanks, Coolthulhu.

Acid rain was the most annoying part of old-gen cataclysm. Please never bring it back, devs.[/quote]

I can see why most people don’t like it but it did have an effect.
Either find shelter in a house or something and wait for the rain to end, wear a rainproof jacket or burn to death.
Forced players to make a choice, I liked it-- especially when players are complaining that the mid and late game is too easy.
Maybe we could have it as a mod or something.

I know that visibility is limited slightly by weather conditions, but I would really like it if storms like lightning storms and winter storms cut down visibility to near-nighttime levels.

Yeah, I think that would be way more Fun. Besides, you could do the same without any rain or snow and call it Foggy weather. Maybe even make it more common in Swamp tiles or something.

That… would be sick.