Riding motor boat is a hard work?

So apparently doing nothing but riding a motorized boat for 3 hours after waking up well rested (and doing nothing else, definitely no running and no fighting zombies) leads to lightly weary AND tired. Is it intended?

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I would think that doing anything for 3 hours straight would lead to being at the very least bored. I think it’s intended but perhaps unrealistic.

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But my char is riding a boat! Finding new places to look at, breathing clean sea (okay, lake) air… definitely anything but boring.
Seriously though - I can understand becoming weary, but I thought tired is reserved for cases of either extreme or not so extreme but -very- long continuous activities. None of my chars ever got tired after only 3 hours of doing stuff.

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well you are operating the boat… even if it looks like your character is just sitting there

You’re also improving your vehicle skill (I presume). If you turn off that, then it is probably less tiring.

Probably your sleep only got you just under the threshold of being tired, so it didn’t take long to get back there. Did you have a breakfast? If not, that’d very easily explain how you became weary.

Improving skills/losing focus affects tiredness? Where did this idea come from?

I dunno. Got tired previous day, went to sleep almost immediately (in minutes), slept for several hours, woke well rested. Couple hours on a boat, and became tired. I could understand it happening on a canoe because that’d indeed mean you were doing quite hard work for a long time continuously. But riding a motor boat? Can’t see it being harder than crafting or fighting. Also, having eaten affecting tiredness? Again, where did this idea come from? It’s the first time I hear that.

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Eating affects weariness, not tiredness.

yeah, weariness and tiredness are two diffrent things so to speak, weariness is doing strenuous physical activity over long periods of time (or monotonous activity over time), anything that trains your skills or requires your character to ‘do’ something will raise this up (like for example… you’ll get weary from reading books, but its so low it’ll bring you just above the limit then back down again), eating a good meal improves your weariness, as does taking a short break (doin nothing for 5ish minutes), and being weary increases the speed at which your character gets tired (though you could possibly have just not slept that long. did you sleep until your character woke themselves up, or did you force them to sleep for 4-5 hours?)

She was asleep for several hours, with no interruptions, and woke by herself. No tiredness, no weariness, “you are feeling well rested”. 3 hours later, lightly weary and tired. Weary I could understand, my gripe is with that tiredness out of nowhere.