Weapon/Attachment handling difficulty/complexity

The firearms skill is gone/renamed and a current “typo” with trying to attach something (bla bla need firearms skill of 1) to a gun made my mind go all crazy with wanting to expand the gun systems even more… again!

Applying a fitted suppressor to a barrel isn’t much work at all. It’s pretty dang simple (but you can probably still screw it up). Any ol’ action movie can teach you how that stuff works though. Very low chance of failure and resulting damage.
Replacing a barrel or other internal component however gets a bit more tricky. You’ll need to partially strip your piece and that COULD get messy. Hell, you’ll probably need some tools too. This is where handling difficulty or complexity would come into play. A super modern thing with a billion nifty gadgets and features is more likely to get messed up by your tinkering hands. Possibility for low to moderate damage (reduced stats or reliability). Or you’ll just break the thing altogether if you’re a clutz!

[code]M4A1 (damaged)
USP .45 (broken)

You fail to attach the suppressor without incident.

You feel confident that you can attach the laser sight to your AK-47. Proceed? y/n

You feel unsure that you can attach the XX recalibration tool to your RM614 LMG. Proceed? y/n

You fumble with the installation and your weapon breaks![/code]

So, attaching stuff could work sort of like how bionics installation is now. Skills and stats. (Needing to have your marksmanship skill at 1 no longer makes sense and generally feels underwhelming.)
Thoughts? Discussions welcome.

I like the sound of this, any weapon mod that’d require disassembling the weapon would need a failure chance eg:

“You disassemble the weapon to change the caliber… but forget how it goes back together and waste a considerable amount of time figuring it out”
“You disassemble the weapon to change the caliber… but manage to loose a few pieces and cannot reassemble it.”

+1 I like the idea.

swapping out the barrel of a Glock is easy, as is adjusting the mag catch on a CZ to either release the mag further, or drop free entirely, then there’s fun stuff like threading a barrel (not fun without tools and knowledge) and you could probably do things like modding your AR-15 from DI to Piston… all the possibilities :slight_smile: