We need anti-nasuea meds

Something like dramamine or pepto-bismol for over the counter.
Maybe meclizine for the strong stuff.


Yeah that would make some mutation trees way less annoying. It would be nice to have some craft able options. Also marijuana should have a mild affect like this.

PK rebalancing has them, I guess it’s a matter of mainlining that part of it.

Oh really? Cool.

I got PK working and have been playing for a while, have not found any. Then again I play with a low resource setup so it may just be luck.

Any idea what they are called?

I believe it’s heartburn medicine

#121: pepto, called heartburn medicine.
Not craftable.

On my list for scrounging. Thanks!

Marijuana should have an anti-nausea effect.

Lol the last time i smoked that, i had nausea^^

But yeah we definitly should mainline the anti nausea meds or add something similar.

Also why not give herbal tea and regular tee a use that it reduces nausea when you drink it hot?

Yeah but it is very commonly prescribed as medicine for people undergoing chemotherapy to reduce nausea and increase hunger.

Weed affects people differently, but in game I think it should reduce nausea as well. I think it would be fun if you could get paranoid and hear noises where you don’t have line of sight.

On subject though it would be nice if there was a few options for nausea instead of just waiting it out. Bee balm and herbal teas should definitely help with nausea a bit. Bee balm already says it helps with the flu, but I’m not sure if that’s just for the aches and pains. I would like it if there were real anti-nausea meds as well, maybe make them stronger than “herbal” substitutes, similar to cough syrup in rareity.

Another idea would be something to flush you system. Kinda like how mugwort oil will get rid of parasites, but you would temporarily get sick(er) but it would rid you body quicker. Could be used for detoxing quicker or something, just a thought.

I believe it does. If I remember from long ago info imparted on the old forums.

I can personally vouch that meclizine and dram don’t work well if you have 1 of 2 types of vertigo. I have vertigo of both kinds and it isn’t fun. Drugs don’t stop it in reality. Sadly.

It is mostly a motion sickness drug. Partially works and not for everyone at that.

More information if you like:
Type 1= whiskers in your ear tubes tell your brain the position you are in. The fluid in those tubes moves with your body. If you tilt your head up the fluid moves in a way that shifts the whiskers direction and your brain now knows this. Crystals in those tubes detach sometimes and rest on those whiskers. Now you may deduce they are flattened in every direction when this happens and BAM! your brain thinks its going nuts.

Type 2= nerve damage in the ear. Nerves can be damaged and as such the signals can get crossed. This sucks because there isn’t anything to be done about this. I’ve had 3 specialists and a physical therapist tell me this already. So yeah. Life is hard sometimes.

I thought it worked, too, but I tested it before I posted and after like three joints the Nausea[3] I had induced was still at [3].

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Some possibilities for real life prescription anti-nausea meds you could find in a pharmacy:

Promethazine (Phenergan®)
Famotidine (Pepcid®)
Ranitidine (Zantac®)