Ways to increase enemy Bleed and Infection chance?

Between my own gameplay and watching a lot of people play Cataclysm there’s one thing I’ve always noticed. Entire 60+ day runs can go with heavy combat and not a single bleed happening, infections also seem really rare compared to the raw quantities of disinfectant i tend to have just laying around building up dust because it’s literally useless. I was wondering if there are any ways to modify stuff like as a way to increase difficulty rather then just zombie speed or resilience and the like. It would really add more value to this stuff that stockpiles so easily, especially after your first run or two in the game. A nice way to tie added difficulty to whats already available and not being utilized rather then stat buffs for the Zombies.

If it takes a mod are there any already available? Is it some option my dumb ass is missing in the options, or should I go digging on how to mod it in myself if it’s not already something out there?

I don’t believe that there are any easy to adjust settings that affect bleed/bite.

However, you can increase the frequency of monster attacks by editing their special attacks. IE: You can increase the likelihood of being bitten by editing a bunch of monsters (looking at their special attacks, the cooldown listed behind bite) and reducing the cooldown. This would make them bite more frequently.

You can also control how much/how long bleed lasts by editing/creating new ‘effects’ which you can then apply to their special attacks.

It is something of a more complicated process than just adding new monsters or locations, and I’m not sure that I have enough knowledge to properly convey how to do so in text.


Sounds like it’s going to be a little more complicated then. Guess I’ll see if I can figure something out, thanks for the information, haven’t done much like this before.

"special_attacks": [
      { "type": "bite", "cooldown": 3, "min_mul": 0.3, "no_infection_chance": 5,
        "effects": [ { "id": "bleed", "duration": 10, "bp": "TORSO" } ],
        "damage_max_instance": [
          { "damage_type": "cut", "amount": 4, "armor_multiplier": 0.4 },
          { "damage_type": "stab", "amount": 6, "armor_multiplier": 0.6 }

you can edit a special attack’s cooldown. If its lower, that attack will be frequent. And as for the infection chance(the stats that makes your health bar blue), setting it lower increases the chance of deep bite. When that attack damages the player, it inflicts an effect within the duration you set to its targeted body part.