Have infections become more common?

I’ve taken a long break from playing Cataclysm, and when I got back into it I seem to be taking way more infections than I used to. Is this a change, just me or what? I stopped playing for a couple of months and so it would not surprise me if a fair bit has changed.

Just as a general feeling, I would say yes if you’ve been gone a while.

If you started a new character, more zombie bites will be able to hit you. Late game characters are pretty much impervious to infections, and you might have noticed the infections more because it’s not a matter of “oh I’ve been bitten lemme grab 1 disinfectant out of 1000” it is a matter of “crap I’ve been bitten and I have to find disinfectant at a hospital or something”.

For me it’s like: Oh, I’ve been bitten, well if I’m going down I’m going down fighting! Cuz I ded even with infection resistant trait : P
I’m not necessarily used to having a great character, but it seems dumb that zombies are all like: 'Oh, you have clothing that gives you about (Or more) 80% coverage each and I’ll just ignore half of it! Why must my luckily gotten clothing be so useless other than carrying capacity?
What is the best way to make disinfectant because I believe you can do that. And do other healing items, such as bandages, have any chance of assisting with infections? Obviously a first aid-kit does, but anything else? Hydrogen peroxide I know works.
One last thing, what are the chances of surviving an infection? Once you get to ‘pus filled’ is it 100% chance you will die at some point without healing it? Similar with ‘bad infection’ too? I’ve survived an infection after it went green before, so obviously it is possible to survive, but I don’t know some of the details.

Try putting on all the clothes you have on and train dodge on a single zombie. Should lessen your chances of getting hit in the future.

Either that, or just use reach weapons life a knife spear.

Infections have became more common due to armor being less almighty.
You need 9 total armor to be able to resist all infections on a given body part. Earlier, that meant hoodie+shirt+underwear was enough to stop infections most of the time. Nowadays clothing isn’t as impenetrable, so you’d need leather to achieve the same.

My impression is the infection is more common but less deadly, most of the time it is heal without any medicine. In the older versions i had to find a disinfectant to prevent dieing, nowadays i just wait out. But it is not a new change, i think it is like one year old.

Infections are pretty common and and is an instant death row for fresh meat new characters. A good thing you could do when you get bitten i burn the nearest thing i can and cauterize myself once or twice until its gone or gets worse, its like a 50/50 percent that you get screwed unless you are lucky to find some antibiotics.

Just booted up a game and got like three infections on week one lol.

Luckily I also found some hydrogen peroxide. After getting myself properly armored, I haven’t gotten an infected bite since. Armor seems to help immensely when it comes to bites, as does metal arm guards.

Good to know.

I will second this observation. Deep bites seem to be very common occurrences in the first week now. It’s immediately noticeable as a returning player who’s been away a year.

I’ve never had a character die from infection until now. It seems like infections progress to give some very nasty effects now. If it gets to the point of your character passing out, it becomes very difficult to scavenge the supplies you need to save yourself.

Appreciate the tip, Coolthulhu. That seems like a pretty significant nerf to light clothing.