Ways to get free publicity for Cataclysm

[quote=“SpaniardSlayer, post:20, topic:5350”]The way I found this game was through jefmajor. I was watching some of his Dorf Fort videos and saw he had another playlist called “Dark Days Ahead” with an @ sign as the thumbnail. I thought it was some kind of DF mod so I checked it out. Several months and lots of trial and error later and now most of my friends think I’m crazy for liking a game with letters for graphics.

I didn’t like the concept of roguelikes at first, but I soon realised that this was basically for me the best Post-apocalyptic RPG ever.

I fully support giving this game more publicity.[/quote]

If you picked any one day of my apocalypse survival (that does not involve reading books), that one day would probably make a badass feature length film.