Just to let you know I love this game. I found it a few weeks ago and haven’t put it down since, in many ways I prefer it to fallout.

However I have only just found this the latest version, after playing the original ans then darkwolfs old mod. You might consider making it easyer to find maybe adding something to the cataclysm forum.

There is, check the mod section on the whalesdev forums.

Future promotional stuff is definitely in the cards, but remember - the DDA branch has only been live for around a week or two now. Awareness is steadily increasing, but the best kind of advertising is word of mouth, so if you are active on any other forums that might want to know about the game, make sure you share the new link.

I might also spend some money on advertising, but it would have to be out of pocket (we all make negative dollars working on this, after all), so I don’t know how much I’d be able to afford.

Technically untrue, the DDA branch is just my mod renamed, which has been in development (Including several rewrites) For nearly a year.

I’m just talking from a promotional standpoint, obviously! I know you’ve been working on this for quite a bit longer than that, and the code has been in progress for a long while, and DDA is pretty much that code exactly. But it’s existence as DDA, as something with a clear branding that can be easily promoted, as something that can be considered the “goto source for new Cataclysm development”, as something with its own website and community, that’s relatively new. As an actual development branch, instead of a mod that will follow a development branch, it’s relatively new (at least, from a conceptual perspective - Obviously it’s been working that way technically since Whales stopped working on core)

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. For the purposes of advertising, the branch has only been live for a week or so. Advertising for your mod wouldn’t have been easily possible, or carried over completely to this project. Thankfully, from a technical perspective and from the code end, it’s had a good bit more time than that, hah.

Yeah, I understood what you meant. was just mentioning for posterity :stuck_out_tongue:

Advertisements on the forums? Also a donate button. Yes, then you make the monies.

Yeah. Use google ads to make some cash, then invest the cash in advertising?

I don’t think we need advertisements for our game. Maybe put up a topic in the dwarf fortress forums, but I don’t want stupid noobs coming here like : OMG, most outdatd grapix evr. Or : How dos I mak gaem no suk?

Really google adverts for this game is a bad idea.

Actually, there’s already a DDA thread over at Bay12. It’s already at 16 pages in 6 days.

Stupid n00b here! OMG, most outdated gfx eeewa :smiley: (!true for a roguelike, of course)
And, most addictive gameplay i have seen in years. BTW, those at b12 usually prefer gameplay over gfx. Thought you should know. It’s amazing game, and i really hope it will become even better with time and obvious ongoing effort.