Best cataclysm lets play videos

Lots of people makes lets play videos. most are very bad. what do you think the the best ones are. they dont have to be totally current. id recommend making a sticky thread with the first post have links to some people really like.

Quill18 makes the best lets play videos I have seen. I emailed him and told him about cataclysm but did not hear back unfortunately.

Go look at Aavrak. Haven’t seen him on the fourms for a while. But unfortunately the version he was playing was 3.0 I think. And I think he stopped playing Cata.

I’m a big fan of Akhier Dragonheart’s videos. Plus he almost always bleeds the edge, which lets us see if there are any major bugs that only become apparent after a fair bit of playing time.

My sister and I found Cataclysm because of this guy. He hasn’t played it to record for a long while, but it really helped sell the game to us because we saw it in action instead of being confronted with a massive roguelike world and little direction.

*Aavak. And yes, he is probably the best at cata I have seen. I highley recommend his channel as a whole.

Ye. I love JefMajor, he got me involved in most of my current roguelikes and inspired me to do let’s plays myself.

Here’s the worst let’s play of DDA:

I say the worst because it’s me playing it, got 3 videos uploaded and going to record a fourth tonight. I’m a shitty LPer.

Ehh your voice doesn’t suck so it’s not the worst LP :stuck_out_tongue:

I concur about Aavak, Welsh accents are always pleasant to the ear :slight_smile: Zemalf has some from a while back as while, I enjoy his channel.

I have a whole bunch up and do them pretty regularly but I’m not going to toot my own horn or anything (link in sig).

Jefmajor and Plumphelmet are like gods of let’s play for me, they both did past cata versions. Hoping they start again with newer versions soon.

Why watch Cataclysm Let’s Plays when you can play Cataclysm yourself? :smiley:

Because some of us learn by watching, not playing. Also, I like to watch other people play and get successful.

I wonder how bad mine is compared to half the people…

But yes, I quite like Aavak’s videos. I have attempted to watch Dragonheart’s but it somehow never clicked.

I may need to start finding time to make more cata vids. Ah well, there goes THAT grade.

Wait wait wait Plump did cata videos?

Time to do some digging :smiley:

So I started a Let’s Play for Cata. It is my first LP ever but I think it turned out alright. Going to record and hopefully upload a new video later tonight.

Jef is pretty good and the first one I watched. I personally have watched all of Fengferths vids. I have watched Aavak on occasion too.

i think girlinhat who posts alot on the bay12 cataclysm post has some. i think she had it posted here but her posts are gone. not sure if someone bugged her.

Be shocked, she has been on the Bay12 forums almost as long as me. Ill have to poke about for her youtube channel though. Edit: Think I found it and I see no cata.

Watching Jef play cata made me want to cry. I love to watch jef play stuff like Kerbal but watching him get smashed over and over due to the same derps is too much for me. NO! DONT FIGHT THEM ON EQUAL FOOTING! STOP MOVING BACK AND FOURTH OVER THE BROKEN GLASS! SNIPERS DO NOT WORK LIKE THAT IN XCOM JEF.

What x-com?

The newest, big budget one. Enemy unknown I believe.

Ah, allright. I was wondering if it was something like Xenonauts or UFO-Alien Invasion that you where speaking of.