Ways to Amuse Oneself (and Keep In Shape) After the Cataclysm

In the XP thread folks started thinking about ways to spend time without spamming the “Wait” function or generating/breaking down endless amounts of minor items. These might also help morale or help one keep one’s existing skill up to spec (de-rust only, not active leveling). Trouble is figuring out what to do.

So, here’s a idea-generating thread.

Some ideas I had:
Yoga? (Not personally familiar with it, so may/not be suitable)
Calisthenics (jumping jacks, etc)

Climb a 7 (optional vision-increase?)

Juggle Rocks or Heavy Sticks

Tinker with your vehicle

Clean/hone your Cutting Weapon (may involve a Leather Patch)


I suggest we get an option to spec flying vehicles, our character would try and build flying machines.