Bored, for somereason

well, in short terms iam bored with cataclysm. its a great game that is SO MUCH FUN to mess around with, but for some reason in the start of every new character i play i get bored that i eventually do stupid stuff and end up getting killed by zambies or etc. how do you get around boredom? or is it really just a factor in this game? (NO OFFENSE SOME PEOPLE MIGHT TAKE THIS THREAD REALLY OFFENSIVE).

You could play less Cataclysm until you have the desire to play more,
if it feels like a chore, Don’t continue playing it, it will ruin future experiences in the game.

Alternatively, you could majorly ramp up the difficulty, or something similar, to spice the game up for yourself.

If you want to play without zombies, their is an option which removes them from a newly created world.


Basically that, yea. Stop playing until something new and interesting changes that brings you back in, or install some mods that give that new and interesting thing. PK’s, or the other endgame challenge mods can hit that ball. Maybe start RP’ing specific characters with preferences and dislikes. Learn to mod it yourself, add content to support those specific characters, or the challenge or goals you need to not get bored in the game.

Ask yourself, why you get bored. If you can identify that, it might help you prevent the part of the game that causes boredom for you.

For my part, it helps to establish short term and long term goals, and through them tell a story of my character. In one of my last successful games, I started as a mutant in the wilderness, with really far to everywhere and huge cities. That character started with some rat mutations and hand-to-hand combat skills, and I had the intention of surviving in the wilderness for a while and eventually, slowly, grow him into the post-apocalyptic version of Master Splinter. I played that same scenario at least a dozen times, probably two dozen, without being bored, because I had a really cool vision for what I wanted to achieve. It didn’t matter that my character died, because I would just reset the world and start over until I had a world gen and game start that I could build on.

In my current game I have camped in the wilderness and intent to build a big base from scratch. So I will have to find NPC’s to help with the crafting and a vehicle to transport materials. Short term goals leading to long terms goals.

I recently hit a wall with my attention span. I got a character CBM’d to superhuman, great skills, power armor, vaguely mutated, pimped deathmobile, pretty much everything. And I got bored.

I would recommend you look into modding, if you’re the creative sort. I have a new appreciation for the game now that I’ve peeked into how a bunch of stuff works. And now, when I’m in a zombie sort of mind, I work on my mod.


Depends, on what’s the cause of it is.

In my case, I play in a very methodical and safe manner, whilst optimising my builds. I realised after a while that I was doing the same thing again and again with each new character. Since, they were the most optimal routes towards power.

To break that, I started roleplaying and also doing challenge runs (whilst roleplaying).

Like I said it depends on what you are actually bored with; the game itself OR the way you play it? If you are tired with the game, then take a break, don’t put pressure on yourself to enjoy something. That a good way to turn a hobby into work.

I second this, it really is quite fun to monkey around with the JSON files and break stuff.:small_airplane:

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thanks my dudes now i can finally enjoy slaughtering zombie hulks with .50 bmg rounds again :slight_smile:

I have 5ge same style, for example in fallout games I always go for sniper weapons, and once they’re leveled enough, they trivialize the game.

So I put restrictions on myself like “only automatic weapons” or “no guns with a scope” to force myself out of my comfort zone.


methinks we need a prosthephobe trait that either makes it impossible, or gives a morale penalty per bionic installed and makes it harder to install them without a negative side effect.

Changing your playstyle, using new traits that affect the game a bunch can keep the game fun!


Role-playing is certainly a way to go, but it gets hard to role-play and not inevitably become a modded out supermutant. Modding is the best course of action I think. I would love to change NPC behaviors to have a more immersive experience. I’ve been playing about 5 years with no NPCs and it really gets lonely. Recently I started a game with NPCs and just having a single ally seems to make a world of difference.


same here, having npcs as friends or something in your game make a huge difference. especially if you think of npcs as real humans or what would a human really do. its fun having to care for someone or fight with when desperate or travel around with.

In my experiences, I like the CDDA gameplay and I felt excited venturing the unraveled destinations when I was a newbie.
For a whole month of playing such great game, I’m bored (and stopped, completely) until I realized, modding is my thing.
Now its my timekiller hobby. I prefer to do it instead of playing what I already knew :>

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