Waterproof clothing

When I wear a rain coat in the weak acid rain, I usually get the message “Your rain coat protects you from the acidic drizzle”.
When I wear it in the ordinary rain, I stay dry, at least for some time, and even after it the wetness gain isn’t as bad.

However, it seems that rain coats are the only piece of clothing that does it. Other waterproof clothing (such as the survivor suit) doesn’t offer the protection, I don’t get the aforementioned message, nor does wet gain in the rain seem slowed any much more than it would be by a, say, fur trenchcoat.

I am uncertain about umbrellas. Tried wielding one but got wet as usual.

Power armor does keep you dry but doesn’t protect from acidic rain pain, oddly.

Is that working as intended?

Nope. But thank you for your report! It’s now in the bug tracker.