0.C-gd5a29cc light survivor hood lets water through

Linux Curses gd5a29cc

I noticed that I started getting the “wet” morale penalty when I swapped out my Nomad’s Cowl for a Light Survivor Hood + Light Survivor Mask. Full clothing set for reference:

Light Survivor Hood
Light Survivor Mask
Nomad Gear
Pair of Fur Boots
Pair of Tactical Gloves
Lab Coat

It’s likely an issue with “light survivor hood” being in the “outer” layer and not wearing anything in “normal”.

The original post is from 2015 so my apologies about the thread necro, I was curious if this was ever solved though?

I’m also currently wearing a Light Survivor Hood and I was wondering if it could explain why I keep getting burned by Acid Rain even though my equipment is for the most part all water proof.

pk mode? rain coat never seemed to protect me from acid rain pain so just tested it by debugging hazmat and anbc suit-they also dont protect from pain but seems that pain builds up slower than usual.