Is changing the antagonists possible?

In my recent post about wasps, I touched on the topic of wasps reproduction, but after I had a thought-“what if there are so many wasps that they do not need to reproduce?”
Can I change the lines of code to make wasps and zombies change positions? it would be interesting to survive in a world where your main enemy is not slow zombies but fast and agile wasps


ok, thank yoIt’s worth a try, thank you, I’m also interested in whether I can increase the frequency of spawn of wasp nests

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You can do that without editing the code; you’ll only need to change the data.
Technically the fastest way to get what you want is by replacing the wasp ID with the zombie one (and vice-versa)…
This will lead to a few… oddities, though. For example, they’d still look like Zombies, but should behave like wasps (move fast and fly around). It might also result in other buggy behavior.
The slower and more complicated way would be to replace every reference of a Zombie ID with the wasp one.

You’ll find the spawn chance in data/mods/rural_biome/rural_regional_map_settings.json; under "field" and "build" you’ll find "mx_nest_wasp" and "mx_house_wasp" which determine the spawn chance. The higher you set these values, the more likely that they will spawn.
You can also create a mod to modify these values instead of editing the files (so that you can update the game without overwriting your changes).

it’s theoretically possible, all you’ll have to do is mess around with the spawn rates data.
basically what you could do (if you’re lazy) is just replace the zombie spawns with wasp spawns, and then turn all the zombie spawns into wasp spawn levels

although why exactly you want to do that with wasps I don’t know