Washing Machine Requires Detergent on hand

So, odd little bug that’s probably an easy fix.

I’ve got a Washing machine in a diagonal tile from a floor trunk with my detergent. The problem is that it asks for detergent in order to activate the washing machine regardless of how many hundreds of units I happen to actually have. But, as long as I have even 1 unit, not even the 5 it requires to activate, the washing machine will be able to access the Floor trunk’s inventory like normal. Without any detergent in the inventory, it will not function properly.

The dishwasher works just fine with the proximity craft function, one of the greatest additions to the crafting system by the by, but the washing machine does not.

The fix request would be to allow washing machines to use proximity items without needing to prompt itself with an item in the user’s inventory. Likely some archaic code line at play here from before proximity was a thing.

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