Was armor functionality changed?

Because I have to say, in the new version, even the heaviest armor provides almost no protection against bites. Doesn’t matter what I wear or how protected a body part is, melee combat with a zombie almost always results in an infected bite wound. In the previous version, with a suit of power armor on I almost never got bitten.

I have noticed that too. Armour does help but not as much as before.

I’ve been wearing a scrap suit, an army helmet and a gas mask for some time now, and I’ve rarely been bitten. So I can’t say it has affected me.

Armor helps identical to .7 against bite wounds, where it got a huge buff against bites. What happens current is armor affects the damage of bite wounds which then have their chance of infecting you scaled based on how much damage the bite does; meaning if it does a lot of damage you are more likely to get bitten, and if it doesn’t do any damage then you are guaranteed not to. Anything you have happening to you is just good/bad luck.