Freezing bodies?

Are freezing bodies going to be a thing? If not I think it’d be neat to store carcasses in a sub-zero room for later butchering, or to keep unpulped cyber-zoms for dissection in your base without worry they’ll revive at some point, or in winter as a general thing to keep them from re-animating if you for some reason didn’t pulp them, or keeping a freshly hunted animal fresher for longer if you hunted far away from your base.

I think tha’t not a thing, but yeah that could be cool.

You would expect it even if the blob can protect a carcass form frost damage on a cellular level thus keeping rivivecation possible. You would expect that a corpse that is frozen solid couldn’t get it’s metabolism going again which we know zombies have and what is what drives them.

There was a thing I read somewhere here about the possibility of zombies hybernating in winter, a poll if I remember correctly. If that ever gets in then maybe them and the blob in them is just frozen stiff.

Would be cool as endgame feature* - the more evolved zombies are, less chance of them hibernating/freezing. 1st winter is easy, 2nd you better be prepared.

*that is, when game is balanced around not achieving godhood by 1st autumn/winter.

I’d imagine simply removing power armour and having zed spawns be a factor of 1x(years(max10)) would achieve that. It allows you to literally wade through hordes, and catch your breath while being beaten on by said horde with little to no hp loss last time I had it.

Alternatively have the armour not have 100% coverage and have it be worn on the “normal” layer, with environmental protection coming from a suit you’d wear underneath it that’d be the thing getting torn/shredded if things slipped past your power armour and then you getting damaged if that happens.

People with guns can still be overrun, but power armour allows you to swim through zombies if you wanted to.

I dunno, with high enough melee+weaponcat of choice skill+any MA style that gives counterattacks, the only 2 things you’d want to use PA against is multiple skele juggs/kevlar hulks, anything else is pretty much free loot+exp. And even those could be kited and then killed 1-on-1. Come to think of it, I never even used PA despite having both heavy suit and regular helmet.