Want to contribute but don't know what is needed?

I compiled a list of easy tasks that need doing:

Mostly json stuff, no compilation required.

http://dev.narc.ro/cataclysm/format.html - Web Linter

Awesome, was looking for something like this, will take a run at some of this stuff on my next day off. What is linting?

“Lint was the name originally given to a particular program that flagged some suspicious and non-portable constructs (likely to be bugs) in C language source code. The term is now applied generically to tools that flag suspicious usage in software written in any computer language.”

I might check some of that stuff!

Edit: I added some stuff to the npc talk tags, though it isn’t much. It’s quite hard to come up with stuff with the system. I think i added quite a chunk to the “Sleep”, “Thirsty”, “Hungry”, “Unaffiliated”, “Move out of the way” and then added some small things here and there, like greetings and others. I hope there are at least fewer insults per minute with what i added, though.
There should be no syntax errors, but i didn’t try it ingame.

I hope someone else picks it up as i don’t believe is enough to even try to add it.

[ { "type" : "snippet", "category" : "<name_b>", "text" : [ "punk", "loser", "dickhead", "asshole", "fucker", "sucker", "fuckwad", "jerk", "motherfucker", "poopface", "shithead" ] },{ "type" : "snippet", "category" : "<thirsty>", "text" : [ "When we drinkin'?", "I could use a drink!", "Do you have some water there, <name_g>?", "I'm <really>, really thirsty", "Water, please!", "I need water...", "A drink, please!", "When was the last time I had a drink?", "I'm parched, I need to drink something.", "I'm thirsty...", "I'm <swear> thirsty.", "Can you give me something to drink, <name_g>?", "I <really> need to get some water.", "<ill_die> if I don't drink something.", "Water... Is there an oasis nearby?", "Did you know that lack of water kills faster than lack of rest?" ] },{ "type" : "snippet", "category" : "<swear!>", "text" : [ "fuck", "damn", "damnit", "shit", "fuckit", "crap", "motherfucker", "<swear><punc> <swear!>", "<very> <swear!>", "son of an ass" ] },{ "type" : "snippet", "category" : "<sad>", "text" : [ "sad", "bummed", "depressed", "pissed", "unhappy", "<very> <sad>", "dejected", "down", "glum" ] },{ "type" : "snippet", "category" : "<greet>", "text" : [ "Hey <name_g>.", "Greetings <name_g>.", "Hi <name_g><punc> You okay?", "Hi <name_g><punc> Everything alright?", "<name_g><punc> Let's talk.", "Well hey there.", "<name_g><punc> Hello.", "What's up, <name_g>?", "You okay, <name_g>?", "Hello, <name_g>.", "Hi, <name_g>.", "What's up?", "Let's talk." ] },{ "type" : "snippet", "category" : "<no>", "text" : [ "no", "fuck no", "hell no", "no way", "not a chance", "I don't think so", "no way in hell", "nuh uh", "nope", "fat chance" ] },{ "type" : "snippet", "category" : "<im_leaving_you>", "text" : [ "So long, <name_b>!", "Hasta luego, <name_g>!", "I'm outta here!", "Bye bye, <name_b>!", "So long, <name_b>!", "Hasta luego, <name_g>!", "Adios, <name_g>!", "I'm outta here!", "Bye bye, <name_b>!", "I'm outta here!", "Bye bye, <name_b>!" ] },{ "type" : "snippet", "category" : "<ill_kill_you>", "text" : [ "I'll kill you", "you're dead", "I'll <swear> kill you", "you're dead meat", "<ill_kill_you>, <name_b>", "you're a dead <man>", "you'll taste my <mywp>", "you're <swear> dead", "<name_b>, <ill_kill_you>" ] },{ "type" : "snippet", "category" : "<ill_die>", "text" : [ "I'm not gonna last much longer", "I'll be dead soon", "I'll be a goner", "I'm dead, <name_g>,", "I'm dead meat", "I'm in <very> serious trouble", "I'm <very> doomed", "I'm done for", "I won't last much longer", "my days are <really> numbered" ] },{ "type" : "snippet", "category" : "<wait>", "text" : [ "Hey, where are you?", "Wait up, <name_g>!", "<name_g>, wait for me!", "Hey, wait up, <okay>?", "You <really> need to wait for me!", "You <swear> need to wait!", "<name_g>, where are you?", "Hey <name_g><punc> Wait for me!", "Where are you?!", "Hey, I'm over here!", "Wait!", "Wait up!" ] },{ "type" : "snippet", "category" : "<no_faction>", "text" : [ "I'm unaffiliated.", "I'm alone.", "A long time ago, but now I'm all alone.", "I used to, but I wanted to go back to working alone", "Right now? I'm just working alone", "Just me, baby. Just me.", "Alone, but I might try to join some people soon, who knows.", "I got kicked out of one of them. So I'm a free agent right now", "I don't run with a crew.", "I'm a solo artist, <okay>?", "I don't kowtow to any group, <okay>?", "I'm a freelancer.", "I work alone, <name_g>.", "I'm a free agent, more money that way.", "I prefer to work uninhibited by that kind of connection.", "I haven't found one that's good enough for me.", "I don't belong to a faction, <name_g>." ] },{ "type" : "snippet", "category" : "<name_g>", "text" : [ "stranger", "friend", "pilgrim", "traveler", "pal", "fella", "fellow", "you", "dude", "buddy", "man" ] },{ "type" : "snippet", "category" : "<keep_up>", "text" : [ "Catch up!", "Get over here!", "Catch up, <name_g>!", "Keep up!", "Come on, <catch_up>!", "Keep it moving!", "Stay with me!", "Keep close!", "Stay close!", "Let's keep going!" ] },{ "type" : "snippet", "category" : "<yawn>", "text" : [ "When we sleepin'?", "I'm so sleepy...", "We got to rest, <name_g>.", "Hey, <name_g>, can we find a place to sleep?", "I can barely stay awake...", "I can barely think, i'm so tired...", "When was the last time i could sleep?", "So tired...", "Let's try to find a place to sleep safely.", "I got to sleep, <name_g>.", "*Yawn*", "What time is it?", "I'm tired...", "I'm <swear> tired.", "Can we rest for a while, <name_g>?", "I <really> need to rest.", "<ill_die> if we don't stop for a moment.", "Did you know that lack of rest kills faster than lack of food?", "I'll just go to sleep, <okay>?" ] },{ "type" : "snippet", "category" : "<very>", "text" : [ "really", "fucking", "super", "wicked", "very", "mega", "uber", "ultra", "so <very>", "<very> <very>" ] },{ "type" : "snippet", "category" : "<okay>", "text" : [ "okay", "get it", "you dig", "dig", "got it", "you see", "see, <name_g>", "alright", "that clear" ] },{ "type" : "snippet", "category" : "<catch_up>", "text" : [ "Catch up!", "Get over here!", "Catch up, <name_g>!", "Keep up!", "Come on, <catch_up>!", "Keep it moving!", "Stay with me!", "Keep close!", "Stay close!", "Let's keep going!" ] },{ "type" : "snippet", "category" : "<really>", "text" : [ "really", "fucking", "absolutely", "definitely", "for real", "honestly", "<really> <really>", "most <really>", "urgently", "REALLY" ] },{ "type" : "snippet", "category" : "<let_me_pass>", "text" : [ "Excuse me.", "Let me pass!", "Move!", "Let me through!", "Please move.", "I gotta pass!", "Out of my way!", "Get out of the way, i got to pass.", "Get out of the way!", "Excuse me, let me pass.", "Hey <name_g>, can I get through?", "Let me get past you, <name_g>.", "Let me through, <okay>?", "Can I get past you, <name_g>?", "I need to get past you, <name_g>.", "Move your <swear> ass, <name_b>!", "Out of my way, <name_b>!", "Move it, <name_g>!", "You need to move, <name_g>, <okay>?" ] },{ "type" : "snippet", "category" : "<done_mugging>", "text" : [ "Thanks for the cash, <name_b>!", "So long, <name_b>!", "Thanks a lot, <name_g>!", "Catch you later, <name_g>!", "See you later, <name_b>!", "See you in hell, <name_b>!", "Hasta luego, <name_g>!", "I'm outta here! <done_mugging>", "Bye bye, <name_b>!", "Thanks, <name_g>!" ] },{ "type" : "snippet", "category" : "<happy>", "text" : [ "glad", "happy", "overjoyed", "ecstatic", "thrilled", "stoked", "<very> <happy>", "tickled pink", "delighted", "pumped" ] },{ "type" : "snippet", "category" : "<drop_it>", "text" : [ "Drop your <swear> weapon!", "Okay <name_b>, drop your weapon!", "Put your <swear> weapon down!", "Drop the <yrwp>, <name_b>!", "Drop the <swear> <yrwp>!", "Drop your <yrwp>!", "Put down the <yrwp>!", "Drop your <swear> weapon, <name_b>!", "Put down your <yrwp>!", "Alright, drop the <yrwp>!" ] },{ "type" : "snippet", "category" : "<swear>", "text" : [ "fucking", "goddamn", "motherfucking", "freaking", "damn", "<swear> <swear>", "fucking", "fuckin'", "god damn", "mafuckin'" ] },{ "type" : "snippet", "category" : "<lets_talk>", "text" : [ "Wait up, let's talk!", "Hey, I <really> want to talk to you!", "Come on, talk to me!", "Hey <name_g>, let's talk!", "<name_g>, we <really> need to talk!", "Hey, we should talk, <okay>?", "<name_g>! Wait up!", "Wait up, <okay>?", "Let's talk, <name_g>!", "Look, <name_g><punc> let's talk!" ] },{ "type" : "snippet", "category" : "<hands_up>", "text" : [ "Put your <swear> hands up!", "Put your hands up, <name_b>!", "Reach for the sky!", "Hands up!", "Hands in the air!", "Hands up, <name_b>!", "Hands where I can see them!", "Okay <name_b>, hands up!", "Okay <name_b><punc> hands up!", "Hands in the air, <name_b>!" ] },{ "type" : "snippet", "category" : "<move>", "text" : [ "Move", "Move your ass", "Get out of the way", "You need to move", "Hey <name_g>, move", "<swear> move it", "Move your <swear> ass", "Get out of my way, <name_b>,", "Move to the side", "Get out of my line of fire" ] },{ "type" : "snippet", "category" : "<hungry>", "text" : [ "We sould stop to eat something.", "Food would be perfect right now!", "Hey, do you have some food, <name_g>?", "Man, i miss pizza.", "Let's scavenge for some food", "What about stopping to eat something?", "Let's rest for a bit so we can eat", "Food would be so good right now.", "I'd be so <happy> if i could find some food.", "You got something to eat?", "Got food, <name_g>?", "Let's eat, <name_g>!", "I miss restaurants.", "Let's get food!", "When we eatin'?", "I'd eat a burger if I had one.", "Perfect time for a lunch break.", "I'm hungry...", "I'm <swear> hungry.", "So, <name_g>, when we eatin'?", "I <really> need to eat something.", "<ill_die> if I don't get some food.", "Consider this idea: you give me food and I eat it.", "Did you know that lack of food kills faster than chain smoking?" ] },{ "type" : "snippet", "category" : "<fuck_you>", "text" : [ "fuck you", "fuck off", "go fuck yourself", "<fuck_you>, <name_b>", "<fuck_you>, <swear> <name_b>", "<name_b>", "<swear> <name_b>", "fuck you", "fuck off", "go fuck yourself" ] } ]

Also looks like what i changed was pasted weirdly from Notepad++ to here, so what i added appears to be weirdly out of place here.