Vodka recipe looks wrong to me

So, just to check if I’m understanding it right:

  1. ethanol is measures in ml, 1000 units=1 litre;
  2. water is measured in portions of 250 ml, 4 portions=1 litre.

If aforementioned is true, then vodka recipe is wrong. It says 125 units (125 ml) of ethanol and 1 unit (250 ml) of water, which will make resulting product have 33% alcohol by volume. Well, the thing is, vodka has 40%.
So, if the recipe is wrong, it should be changed. And as ethanol can be measured in much smaller quantities than water*, it should be changed to 1 unit of water + 167 units of ethanol.
Thoughts, objections, corrections?

*(this system is really confusing, I hope it will be overhauled one day to use uniform measure units, with portions measured in same units)

Vodka can have any percent of alcohol the manufacturer decides upon. 40% by volume (or 80 proof) seems to be the standard for most hard liquor, in the US at least, but stroll down the liquor aisle at the grocery store and you’ll almost certainly see 100 proof (50% by volume) alcohol as well. Some of the flavored vodkas have lower percentages than the normal 80 proof (40%).

All the differences are just because the manufacturer diluted the alcohol down to a certain level, either with water or with various flavorings.

Source: Many a hazy trip to the liquor aisle back in college. :crazy_face::woozy_face::tropical_drink:

Well, I’ve found a spot on 33% vol. vodka for you (although, I’ll have to say, it’s a vodka based liqueur, not pure vodka)…
I also found a 37.5 % vol. pure vodka.
And if you want to get drunk stupidly quickly, here we have a 88% vol. vodka

Any alcohol destilled at home will have some variation in its % alcohol content for sure. And since there’s not really a (visible) meassurement for it’s % vol. in game, it could be anything you want… especially a lot stronger than you anticipate:

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The fact there are different variations does mean just that, that there are variations. Primary/prevalent recipe is still 40%, why shouldn’t it be so in the game which preaches itself as trying to be realistic?
I could understand if that was a coding problem, but that’s just changing one number in a recipe.

Why shouldnt it be so?

Because nobodies been bothered enough to do it.

If you feel like you want it to be 40% you could make the change yourself in the recipe JSON, and submit it as a PR :slight_smile:

I just realized something which should also be paid attention to: You mix 125 ml of ethanol and 250 ml of water and in the end get 250 ml of Vodka. Now, there is a volume change if you mix two components with different molecular size explained and demonstrated in this video,

but it isn’t that extreme. So, the recipe will allways be off unless the messurements of water will also be in ml and allow precise mixing.

Damn, you’re right. No point changing the ratio when the end result is wrong anyway. Seems this fix will have to wait till liquids/portions rework. If there will be one.