Alcohol Poisoning is Wack

Hey. I was looting a house during my first day of the save and came across a drinking glass of Riesling (which after the last update, won’t crash me! Thank you contributors, you guys are seriously the best!) and found that I couldn’t store it in my pack. Makes sense of course, so I figured that I would just down the whole thing and then carry the glass with me. Sure, I expected to get a bit trashed, and when I checked my ailments it said “Dead Drunk” which made sense, since I had just chugged (according to the game) half a Litre of wine. I said “Oh well, I guess I shouldn’t drive the car back in case I pass out on the wheel” but what I didn’t expect was to fall over dead of alcohol poisoning before I finished looting the house. “Wtf” I said, and went on to check google if that should even be possible.

It isn’t, of course and here’s why: Alcohol has a density of about 0.79 g/mL. I was drinking out of a 500 mL glass. It takes about 300g of alcohol to kill somebody. I looked up the percentage of alcohol in wine, which ended up being “around 11% to 13% alcohol, but bottles range from as little as 5.5% alcohol by volume to as much as around 20%” so I decided to go with the high option of 20%. In the most alcoholic case scenario, I ingested about 80 grams of alcohol and then proceeded to die. Thank you Cataclysm.

Thank you Cataclysm for also crashing after killing me, probably because the game didn’t know what to do about me dying and falling asleep on the same turn. This crash proceeded to allow me to come back at the quick save just moments before (which I made because I was scared that the previously mentioned liquid crash was still in). Very cool. And although I’m not proud of it, I think I’ll pass on killing this rather great save for a mathematical impossibility.

Oh, and for the record, it would take a solution that is at least 76% alcohol to kill someone if it was served in that glass.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.


Huh, learn something new everyday.

Yeah: don’t drink safe amounts of alcohol or you might find out that it’s less safe than you think

This is a (not very) subtle attempt at making people drink less in real life. It’s intended to subconsciously affect what you think of as ‘too much to drink’ so that irl we’ll all stop being drunks.

It’s brilliant, really.


Except when you stop to think how stupid it actually is, and then its effect is reverted to the opposite :slight_smile:

I get that feeling about a lot of the drug-use effects in the game. Meth, for example. I’ve known enough real-life tweakers to know that smoking meth three or four times a day won’t kill you. Not immediately, anyway.

Some say “brilliant”, I say “straight-edge nonsense”.


I was just making a joke.

I don’t really use drugs in game or in real life, but I’d imagine such things would be relatively hard to quantify. And if I’m thinking about it, it might be a holdover from when those things affected your stats, as a way to limit players from significantly increasing their stats by taking large amounts of drugs. That’s just speculation, though.

And there are lots of little things like that in-game.

Like, if you drink water from any unclean source you have a pretty good chance of immediately getting sick even though that’s generally not how things go irl.

Yeah, or the fact that in the example of my character dying, they metabolized the alcohol within a couple minutes. I assume it’s just easier to code than doing something complex like metabolization over time and such.

Yes, this is definitely a big issue in the game right now, i love to drink alcohol in my games using the drunken master trait and it’s kind of weird, you drink 4 units of whiskey and you are already drunk.
Maybe really strong characters should be more resistant to alcohol, because they theoretically are bigger, and i do agree that drugs should be less harmful, so they would be more realistic and more interesting to use.

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So it’s basically a bug and you could make a report on github :

TBH 4 units is 1 liter. If your character isn’t drunk after you gulp a liter of whiskey in one go, that’d be kinda weird unless some specific CBM/mutation targeted specifically on alcohol digestion. Dying from it, though, is another matter, especially if (s)he is supposed to be an accomplished alcoholic.
e: A liter of beer, OTOH, should not make a character (super)drunk if he’s just kind of an alcoholic. That made me think - do alcoholic beverages in-game actually have a percentage of spirits in them, or they just have a flag showing they have some, and drunkenness is just a function of imbibed volume?

I think that strength is what you need to not get as drunk but also your experience like drinking small amount at first and then you can start drinking whole Bottles and stuff I have been wrong many times before

I’ve seen videos where some folk are able to drink a vodka botle in one go. The whole bottle.

There needs to be Alcohol tolerance, and for any other addictive thing in the game.

I’m sorry, when i meant 4 units i was thinking about a bottle i have in the game where i can fill it with 52 units of liquid. So when i drink 4 units there still is 48/52 units and my character is already drunk. I dont remember exactly the total volume of this bottle but i think it’s 1.5 liters (at maximun), so 4 units = 115 ml of whiskey

The units are different for alcohol and for certain other liquids such as gasoline and diesel. Im not sure by what, but in the example of my character I drank (if I remember correctly) 10 units of Riesling, which is much more than a 500mL glass can hold if all units were treated equally. Normally, you’d be correct for most fluids, but it’s different for a few of them.

It got worse in my save, for a test i drank only 2 units of single malt whiskey (total of 48 units in a plastic canteem, 1.5 liters of total volume) and my character went from not even tipsy to drunk, i was getting drunk after 4 units some days before. So that means that after drinking 62.5ml of single malt whiskey my character got drunk.

My health is -35 and my health modifier is 161, maybe it is interfering in how fast you get drunk?

It’s really sad because i’ve found a wooden barrel with 100 liters of single malt whiskey (2800 units) and unfortunately this bug is breaking my immersion since i roleplaying a crazy old drunk capoeirista (practitioner of capoeira martial art).

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About a month ago i made a issue regardings the title of this topic:

It is now considered “stale” so i would like to see if anyone have opinions about it before it gets closed.