Vitamin C deficit on pine needle tea diet?

Long story short: latest experimental, drinking nothing but pine needle tea for hydration, still getting vitamin C deficit (at about -800 units a month, as seen via debug).
First off, is that normal?
Any good sustainable sources of vitamin C, outside of just randomly finding multivitamins and/or starting to drink 4x more tea than I need for hydration?
P. S. I guess I’m implicitly asking two question: sources that are highly seasonal and sources that aren’t seasonal.

I don’t think vitamin deficiency does anything just yet. I’ve been playing without them since they don’t really have any purpose (as far as I know, though that could have changed and I’m unaware).

Given no other vitC sources you need 10 units a day to cover your need - the unit of vitamins in the item description is in “percent of daily intake”.

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Huh. This actually makes a lot of sense.
I’ll try drinking 12 units/day or so and see how it fairs…

You can get Scurvy from vitamin C deficiency.
As well as other effects that may show up (Iron deficiency is related to blood loss as well).
I believe there may be other effects from other vitamins, but I haven’t experienced any of them as I’ve always had a consistent vitamin intake from well planned meals and the occasional supplements.

fun fact: boiling most stuff IRL makes them less nutritious since they leave from evaporation

in the pioneer days they chewed pine needles to prevent scurvy while settling canada and other northern regions where fruits like oranges and limes were difficult/impossible to grow

Raw chili peppers. 88% vitamin C.