Keeping Healthy as a Carnivore

Alright I’ve had many a carnivore playthrough and am yet to find any steady reliable way to keep the health stat from decaying rapidly. An all meat diet seems to be killer on the health stat which doesn’t seem to make sense for someone biologically tuned to a meat diet. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if it’s just an oversight. Anyone have any tips for keeping health up with all the easy ways like salads, V8’s, and the like all off the table?

I’m not sure if protein shakes are valid for carnivores, but they’re basically the healthiest beverage in the game. If they’re not, pine needle tea is just water, and also very healthy. Drink it often, and you’ll have good luck!

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You can also play with no health if you have a mutation from the fast healer line, it will heal you regardless of your health. This is how broken cyborgs survive. It’s actually quite nice to completely disregard your health as you can eat whatever.

Iirc carnivores can still drink herbal tea and the like. They can drink protein drinks but not protein shakes. All those are the main health drinks I can think of.

There’s also multivitamins and gummy vitamins obviously.

Food-wise meat soup might be your go-to (fish soup too, but it’s harder to come by). It’s definitely healthy as all in game soups are. I think carnivores can eat woods soup but I’m not 100% on that. Sadly bone broth does not up your health value but it’s good for calcium if that otherwise becomes a problem.

If I were you I would probably focus on pine needle tea. I believe it counts as just water so it’s edible by everyone, has loads of vitamin C, a health value of 3 (probably one of the best food items for health) and has a nice little morale bonus if you drink it hot. Take some in the morning and before bed and you shouldn’t have any problems.

If you want to be extra healthy just pack a sealed stomach full of meat soup. As you eat the volume decreases, so it doesn’t effect your looting capability much (if you care about that sort of thing)

The one problem is I don’t know how the new cooking system effects those traits, since it used to be that making meat soup always counted as flesh even when made with some regular broth and veggies in addition to the meat itself. So let me know if it still works like it used to.

Alright thanks for the help everyone. A lot of things I didn’t know at all about. I’ve never actual made soup so Imma have to figure out the recipe and I’ll check if I can drink the pine needle tea. Got quite a list to look into. :slight_smile: Thanks all!