Visual Disrupter not working?

using the ASCII based version of CDDA shouldn’t the visual disruptor have an effect like schizophrenia trait but by rearranging tiles around you for a short period of time. I remember having this a bit ago but now it doesn’t work. was this taken out of the game by chance or just turned off and if so how do i get this back on.

I really like starting out as a cyber junky/bionic monster and liked the challenge this added to the game, now it seems like this botched bionic isn’t as punishing as it used to be.

This might be a stretch, but do you have Crazy Cataclysm on? It might only work with it on.

I do use crazy cataclysm and it doesn’t work. I do get the message in the “your vision Pixelates” but no graphical changes occur.