Virtual keyboard not showing android

Hello this maybe trivial but im struggling here and wondering if i can get some help, the game looks cool but i cant get the virtual keyboard to show up when im ingame, im on android, i downloaded hackers keyboard and i think i followed all of the steps correctly but im not seeing the back button in game to bring up the virtual keyboard, any thoughts anyone?

Did you download the game from the Google app store or from Github?
Also, naming versions (of Android and game) could help us to solve your problem faster.

I got it from Google play store, android 9, game version 0.E-2

Hm, did you activate the “Force Full Screen” option at the start? This seems to make the button disappear, going by this issue report
The suggested solution in that case would be to not activate fullscreen.

youre right, im on now, thanks man

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Glad I could help. Enjoy the Cataclysm :smiley: !