Version 0.C-0.C-3846 shoppingcarts items disappeared, speed issues

Just played the newest exp. build 0.C-3846 and got start up. Found a grocerystore and a shoppingcart. Put my Stuff into it and mentioned it dissappeared imeadiatly.
Cant exactly remember what mods i did install. how can i check it?

Btw. someone knows what the game can speed up i`ve got some speed problems with the last few versions.

Did you put it in the normal way (dropping) or via AIM? Are you sure the items didn’t tumble out? Are they on the floor?

Items were not on the floor, not in the cart, and not in the inventory.

Items were droped via the AIM, if u mean the “/”-menu. (Sorry not used to the acro)

Hmm, looks like yet another / menu (AIM, yes) bug.