.9 MA inventory pickup bug

Taking items from Shopping cart.
When the list of items gets so large you can’t the game runs out of letters… the items start with `

You get a popup that says enter 2 letters. The game is only letter me enter 1 letter. I start with ‘a’, when i enter the 2nd one, it overwrites the first one
When I then enter ‘h’, ‘a’ gets overwritten. I hit enter and then the inventory screen vanishes.

Are you sure it’s not just scrolling to the side? When I enter things you can’t see the first letter that was entered, but it’s still there.

a simple fix would be to find a bigger vehicle. if you have enough items to fill a shopping cart to that point then you should be far enough into the game to get a car or flatbed in good enough shape to run.

You should just use the advanced inventory screen instead.
It’s much easier to sort the 400 volume car by category and transfer cart items to floor piles around your room.
Pressing m to move items from the cart to the floor or other space takes 0 time units.
Putting them in your inv takes 100 PER item.