Vehicles to the next afterlife

I made quite the vehicle from an RV, how can I attach the vehicle I made to a character preset?

Also, can anyone recommend or share how can I make a down-to-earth (Realism + aliens) filled to brim version of either F or experimental with mods as I want to do quests from the refugee camp and hub.

If the next character is created in the same world as the first one it should be possible to pick up the first character’s vehicle from where it was when the character died. You’d have to go there, though (or teleport through debugging).

But If I want to create a new world, and when I select my charecter preset can I also ‘Attach’ the vehicle I customised to the preset?

I doubt it.

Edit: It ought to be possible to hack it by modifying an appropriate JSON file to add the definition of “your” vehicle and then use the debug menu to spawn it. I haven’t tried anything like that, so I don’t know if it works, but I think it should.

The hard part is going to be acquiring the data for your vehicle. There is a tool that could do something along those lines Character transfer utility iirc. But it has been awhile, I don’t know if it’s up to date. It made the process easy ish.
I know it’s possible to make scenarios that include a vehicle that spawns near the player, you’ll want to look into how the vehicle data is stored in one of those and compare that to how vehicle data is stored in map files. Hint: get something that will let you search the inside of a great deal of text files spread across many folders. I used Effective File Search, there are many similar programs.
Hopefully the formats are the same and you can directly copy your vehicle data array out of the map file. Make sure to give your vehicle a unique name to make it easier to locate and be very certain you get the whole array, a text editor that can handle code can help, tell it it’s looking at .Json file and it will happily highlight brackets for you so you don’t have to count them out yourself. There is zero formatting in the map files so some highlighting really helps.
Once you have your vehicle array copied, you can hopefully just add it to your chosen scenario, but if not… Locate or build a vehicle in your new character, name it, find it in the map and overwrite it’s array with your Uber RV data.
There is a nice guide about this on one of the discords