Vehicles Morale

Would it be a idea to code vehicles the same as how a @ Status works?

So the feets are the wheels , stamina the engine ect… While being wet hot overloaded or on rougf terrain efected the vehicle as a whole?

I don’t want my cars screaming in agony when I start siphoning out the gas. I’m Mad Max, not a vampire.

But seriously, I have no clue what this really aims to achieve. Trying to pull vehicle stuff into the @ menu and map vehicle status to those things wouldn’t work very well at all, and certainly isn’t worth the effort when you can already just examine the vehicle and get a nice custom vehicle status window.

He means giving cars status effects for the enviorment around them.

When it is raining, at high speeds the engine would be cooler, allowing the car to run faster.
When it is going over rough terrain, the suspension and tires would take damage and it would force the engine to work harder
A lack of oil would damage the engine
A lack of water would cause the engine to overheat

And actual physical damage to the components would make it react differently, ie if you shot the tire it would go slower, or if you shot the engine block with a big enough rifle or shot it enough times it wouldn’t start or would run horribly, or if you shot the fuel tank it would explode.

Doesn’t have to be shooting either, could consist of running into trees would cause the fuel tank to explode if for some reason you put it on the tip of the vehicle.

I think terrain already effects the speed of the vehicle, so does damaged parts (fuel tank leaks fuel, batteries lose their charge, engines won’t start or are less affective)

So there’s little point in doing so, since it’s pretty much already in here.

I am not a coder what so ever but I feel a lot how a @ is efected can be used to simulate vehicles.

Some examples,

You can use encumbrance to simulate engine placing. The engine needs air to operate, the frames block air intake.

Temp have a “Morale” penalty on how the vehicle performs while the hidden health status keeps track of the abuse the vehicle have endured. Now you can simulate cold starts for example.

I’m gonna be honest, it’s gonna take a lot of unneeded work to implement this, when it could be used to put elsewhere. However, if you’re adamant about it, put it in the suggestions page and not here. If no one thinks it’s a good idea or wants to support it, you can mod it yourself .

Vehicle crafting have such a big part in Cata yet it doesnt matter what you build as it allways works. I wish there was more to it. I thought using the @ code could improve that.