Vehicle workbench cannot be used to speed up butchery

At first I thought it was due to its size limitation, with zombie corpse’s size (63L) being over workbench capacity (30L), but I adjusted the latter to 200L in data/json/vehicleparts/vehicle_parts.json and it did not help.

Butchery still takes 34 minutes versus 28 minutes next to a furniture workbench.

Workbenches are limited by both volume and mass, did you increase the mass limit as well as the volume?

Actually no. I did not consider that as there is no weight limit stated when inspecting the thing in-game.

Perhaps the mass parameter in the following is the one, but I tried changing the “volume” with no effect. Volume was controlled by the size parameter in parent object. But there is no equivalent for mass:
“workbench”: { “multiplier”: 1.2, “mass”: 300000, “volume”: “30L” },

In any case, mass of 300_000 should be enough, no? I suppose the unit is grams…

I honestly don’t know. It’s probably metric?

The furniture workbench is

    "workbench": { "multiplier": 1.2, "mass": 500000, "volume": "200L" }

So still higher than 300000. It’s in json\furniture_and_terrain\furniture-surfaces.json

Well, I have 539kg on my furniture workbench…

maybe it is the mass of an object you can work with on it, not the mass it can hold (that one is probably not limited)

I have discovered that the “plastic sheet” item has clean surface 3 and reduces butchery time as if I had a workbench. But it doesen’t have to be mounted, unfolded or anything, just has to be in a container <6 tiles away. This is perfect.