Crafting heavy items

Do you have to pick up ‘in progress’ crafting to work on it? I’m having trouble putting together my tank drone with it held on my lap.


I also get a message that it is “to(sic.) heavy” to work on well.

Stand next to a table, desk, or most preferably, a workbench and you will craft faster and without weight limits, because the work will be done on the flat surface.

I was standing next to a table. It’s a Tourist table, but it does give the ‘do you want to craft on it’ prompt if you 'e’xamine it. I’ll try building a workbench next to it and try again. Once I get over the common cold I caught from all the rain.

Since it’s already on the tourist table (e)xamine the table and hit option 4: Continue craft. It’ll let you continue in progress items already on the table.

Problem: You can’t put it on the Tourist Table, or a Workbench. It’s too heavy and falls to the floor. (I did check the workbench was empty).

Unless there is some ‘super heavy duty workbench’ then I’m stuck working with it in my arms.

AFAIK you can try picking it up and activating it, it works too, if near a workbench the game might use the workbench anyways without needing to put the object on it and it will be left on the workbench when finished.

You can haul it there or use the advanced inventory to move it onto the table.

The table crafting is very neat. I enjoy watching my @ doing things. When I play dwarf fortress I like to see what they eat when they put the food on table.

I’ve finished it now so I can’t check, but wouldn’t it just fall down imediately if you do that?

Enable “dangerous pickups” in the general settings. You won’t be able to move while carrying it, but you should still be able to craft.

Things can’t really fall off of tables, unless maybe it’s a vehicle table, but since you specifically mention the tourist table I would assume not. Anything on the tile of a piece of furniture is in/on it.

It specifically said “The workbench is full, so it falls to the pavement” and the ‘4 - continue crafting’ was not available.

How did you finish the craft?

Very slowly. I could carry it - although it ‘knocked me to the floor’ - and it took me about three days to finish. I kept getting dispirited and giving up, or having too low morale to craft.

That’s admirable! I am sometimes moved by my @'s perseverence.

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Haha, having admired his perserverence … I have to tell you that I then gave up on him because he caught a common cold.

I’m starting again with Outdoorsman and Optimist traits. Because, sod the rain.

That’s a vehicle workbench, I’d try the furniture one, it has more capacity.

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I started with mood swing trait because one can’t be more sad when he’s already sad but when it swings to the positive side you can get very happy.

Is there any way I can modify the weight limit of the workbench, since I can’t seem to build anything better? I started crafting four large storage batteries and, halfway through crafting the project has suddenly become too heavy for the workbench to support. I can’t undo the progress I’ve already made in order to redo it with smaller batches, and I can’t finish the project with the best workbench I can build. Does adding additional benches increase the weight limit? Doesn’t seem to, from my observations, and it probably should if this weight limit is going to be a thing.

update: I hacked my way around the issue by quadrupling the workbench mass and volume limits in the json file, but I really shouldn’t have had to. Either let additional benches increase the weight limit or add the functionality to cancel projects after they’ve been started, or just let the player know if the project is going to become unviable halfway through.

Was this a workbench installed in a vehicle, btw?

The current system does not gracefully handle the concept of “loose items inside a vehicle”. Hopefully that will be improved at some point.