Vehicle Speed Wrong when many enemies on screen

Driving a bike at ~50 km/h, works fine, I move several tilefor every second I pass and most zombies move on tile.

However, if there’s a few dozen zombies on the screen, when I pass a second they move 1 tile, but then I also only move one tile.

This is NOT due to any sort of collisions with the zombies, I don’t even need to be close to them for this to occur I can be the majority of a screen distance away. As soon as the majority are off screen I suddenly start moving normal speed again.

It’s been happening for at least the last half a dozen 0.E+ versions.

I can’t reproduce on the latest experimental. I spawned 480 zombies and my vehicle moved normally at 50 km/hr.

I wonder if it is due to the computer I am running it on, weak old surface pro. I’ve never had this experience on my other computers or on any other version.

I’ll port this save and copy of the game to another computer and test and post the results.

It sounds like something subjective and requiring some tests instead of just human observation.

Watching the game time tick and checking movement isn’t really any more “human observation” than doing any other scientific observation. In fact, as I am a physicist it’s literally what you’d do in real life measuring the same things. So I’m sure it will be fine, when I have some time do it. Would be interesting if it was a performance oddity.