Why won't my manual *car* not drive?

So, I’ve built this vehicle that won’t drive. I built it to be manual, adding foot pedals. I have a seat, foot pedals, vehicle controls, enough wheels, but it won’t drive. It is built similar to a bike, two tiles, one wheel on each. The foot pedals, controls etc. are on the block with a trunk. The other part has a cargo space. Nothing is broken, in fact it is all reinforced. Could it have to do with the storage? I made sure that I stood on the right tile and pressed ^ and it seemed to say it was working. Cruise control is on. The top of the screen says something similar to 0>13 when I try to move, suggesting I should be but it doesn’t do anything. I’ve looked and looked and I haven’t found anything on either a wiki or on discussions. It might be completely obvious and I’m just being a derp (as usual) but please help me if you can.

Sorry if I wrote this in a bit of an unorganized fashion. Here’s a bit of a recap on the organization of the vehicle (From top to bottom in list) if you need it:

-Part 1 includes: extra light frame, foldable seat, controls, trunk, foot pedals, and a 17" wheel.
-Part 2 includes: Handle, cargo space, and a 17" wheel.
-It is all reinforced with nothing broken.

That should be all, please help if you can, it would be really appreciated. I bet the answer is right in my face. |:>\

Could it be too heavy to propel with a foot crank maybe?

This sounds to be the case. Especially the Cargo space weighs a whole lot. Try uninstalling that thing and then try again. Also, i wouldn’t necessarily use car wheels for this, as those weigh quite a bit too, compared to bicycle wheels for example.

Ah, this makes soooo much more sense. My guy is strong but not THAT much. I’ll see if that works. Plus, when I put things inside of the trunk and cargo it will way even more! So that’s probably it. I had a lot of things inside of the boxes, lots of which weighed a lot. (Although my follower decided that half of the stuff was his)

Ok, so it drives, but just not straight. Would this have to do with my driving level? my car keeps crashing into buildings for seemingly no reason.

With very low driving skill you will naturally loose control of the vehicle a lot of times, so yesh, this is the reason. I should give you a message like ‘you loose control of the vehicle’ or so though. To the right, where all the other messages are. That is, unless they got rid of this message.

I recommend not driving directly next to any obstacles for the time being. The skill will rise with time, or with books, if you find the right ones. With Driving Skill 3 or 4 most of your problems should be at least somewhat solved.

Or, considering that your vehicle should be basically soundless due to it’s foot pedals: If you have the ressources to stay somewhere for a while, just drive in a circle, or search for a long road and drive it up and down. Don’t crash into anything though, you have no seatbelt, so you might fly off your vehicle, which can hurt.

Ok, part of it might actually be that I don’t know how to drive in the first place also. But driving skill definitely makes sense. However, do any of u know of a way to have a bike with a good amount of storage? I’d like to have a manual one so it is quieter but can actually hold things. I usually amp up the zombie count to 2.5 and loot to 1.25 to balance it out, so I tend to get a lot of loot. Or is there some sort of quiet(ish) engine thingamabob to use instead? I like stealth, but also storage. Storage Stealth. Or Stealth Storage?

Either way, I need a quiet vehicle with plenty of storage for it to actually matter much. If need be, I can have a smaller car for getting in and out, and a bigger one for looting. But if anyone has an idea of how I can achieve a Stealthy Storage Vehicle that would be much appreciated.

I guess this is slightly off topic, but it’s still connected to the title. Kinda. Close enough I think…

a folding trike can work. make it from extra light folding frames and folding basket. you can easily drive one with multiple baskets

o | o┴o
front wheel is a bike wheel, back two are casters. all three back panels also have folding baskets.
this should let you drive around with a fair amount of storage space and still be quiet. it’s folding nature lets you fold it up and stuff it into a larger vehicle to take to the next town.

electric engines are basically silent. Even a small motor should be enough to power a bike with 1 cargo space or more. Of course, you would need to have a battery and preferably at least 2 solar panels, so you won’t be out of power all the time. In the past you would have been able to also use your foot cranks parallel to the motor, just to get a little bit more power out of it, but at the current time…yah.

Thanks you two, I’ll try those out. I’ll need to get some stuff, but I basically live in car town. My mechanics skill should be high enough to do all that with much problem.

On the vehicle screen, if your car heads north, that is right. If it heads west or east, that is wrong, and you won’t drive it straight.

Oh wait, you are right K. I accidentally built my car backwards I think. Fixing that should help with driving. I’m such a derp. You do mean pointing to the top of the screen right? Cuz my controls are pointing to the bottom of the screen.

the top of the (build-)screen is always the front of the vehicle, while the bottom of the screen is the back of the vehicle - this doesn’t change, even if your vehicle is turned in a funny way.

If you build the vehicle the wrong way around, with the bottom being the front, then it would just…well, drive backwards for you when you want to drive forwards. The real issue starts when you have the left or the ride side as front, because then you suddenly drive to the right or two the left when you wanted to drive straight ahead.

As it stands, the position of the controls doesn’t really matter, as long as you know what side is the front ; it will drive correctly, the controls cant be…pointing into a wrong direction per se.