[0.C-3014] Item dupe with advanced inventory management

  1. Stand next to a vehicle’s storage
  2. Open advanced inventory (’/’ screen)
  3. Set one side as All, set other as a vehicle’s storage tile (e.g. if standing to the left of a vehicle’s bin, set 6 as target tile)
  4. Press ‘m’ to move something from All to other tile
  5. Item is duplicated onto the ground every time you press ‘m’

Was trying to move some stuff around and ended up making Power Storage CBMs out of thin air. Started with maybe 2 and ended up with 8.

Should be fixed in the newest builds.

The bug is still present in the latest build.

EDIT: Tried to fix one more time.

What a pity. Made creating a deathmobile much easier :slight_smile:

Thanks for the fix! Keep up the good work.