Vehicle mounted heaters broken?

Playing latest experimental here, I’ve set up a portable vehicle mounted heater to hook it up to my house’s makeshift power system since it’s winter in my game and my water tanks keep freezing so I thought I’d use it since they’ve been in the game for quite the while yet I’ve never used them.

Well anyways, the problem is: being made from the Large space heater whose item description states it’ll warm up to about 10 degrees C I thought that was reasonable EXCEPT
the (on) vehicle heater seems to constantly emit a scorching 43 degrees C in a single large room, even about 10 spaces away from the heater which is ridiculous and pretty much hilarious. Standing at 1 space to the heater would literally kill you.

The current problem is still that I dont think field-emitting was balanced for 1-second turns, therefore its pumping out hot air at a rate that is 6x more than intended.

I keep getting reminded about this, but keep forgetting, and I’m going through a lazy contribution phase, so if anyone else wants to do it, itd be an easy fix. Just find the heater code in vehicle.cpp and multiply its time checking intervals by 6.


sure i’d give that a try. any program you recommend for C++ editing?

TBH now ive gone and looked for the relevant code area I may as well do it myself, but for future reference - you can follow the guides here to get the compiling up and running

I use Atom Editor on Linux, others say good things about VSCode, but IDEs and editors are all personal preference.

ah the solution was in JSON really

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thanks for the fix. yea well i asked because we used Codeblocks in school for C++ and I thought that app was really janky I was wondering what do you guys use.