Time delay on ethanol burner heat

It looks like the ethanol burner mod now generates some sort of heated condition when used. As far as I can tell it is intended to raise internal and external temperature as the ethanol is burned. And this makes sense. And if I activate it for a few hundred kJ and walk around it seems to work as intended.

Now after I stop the burner it keeps heating for a short while, as the heated condition fades. Still good so far. However problems seem to appear after the heated condition goes away. At this point I would reasonably expect that the heat would stop being produced, so I wait a few bit, not noticing anything, and then do some crafting task that takes a few minutes. And then end up with character taking damage because apparently the burner is for some reason still pumping out a ridiculous amount of heat.

Seems like either the heated condition should have extended duration, so that it accurately maps to when the player is putting out heat, or the heat continues to be generated well beyond its intended end point.

As an update, I don’t think that there is a time delay anymore. I noticed that I only seem to have this problem when inside structures and vehicles.

From a bit more observation, it appears that the heated effect works by essentially creating hit air around the player, and then deleting it when the heated condition wears off. (and not just in the player’s tile or something, but for every tile in the vision radius.) However it seems to fail to delete the hot air from vehicles and structures, leaving it hot until things dissipate. Given that this heat seems to be an implementation detail rather than something that is actually intended, it looks like whatever cleanup the burner is doing isn’t taking vehicles into account, and as such ends up elevating their temperature to a ridiculous extent, even if the player wasn’t inside of them when they had the burner on.

Created a github issue for this problem: