Vehicle construction questions

Two quick questions:

  1. I’m deconstructing wreckage of a bus outside my safehouse and it says to deconstruct frames, I need wrench +hacksaw, and then EITHER welding goggles and a cutting torch, OR a circular saw. Now I have a torch, but it’s inside my house far away and it’s battery is not being drained while I’m deconstructing. I do not have a circular saw. But it’s still letting me deconstruct the frame. I figured maybe a zombie dropped one somewhere, but I’ve done a TON of deconstructing and I’m pretty sure it woulda killed the battery by now. I’m not complaining as I’m not using any of my expendable resources, but is this a glitch of some kind? Or does it just not take battery to deconstruct frame?

  2. The bus I’m deconstructing has many portions that include a double frame on a single square. Is this practical/useful to do when constructing my own building? I’ve only ever done single frames in one space

Your first question, you ONLY need a wrench and hacksaw to deconstruct, nothing else. keep the torch for putting parts on the vehicle.

Nah build a welder for vehicle building keep torches for cutting bars and doors down and emergency repairs.

The double stacking may be a wreck?

I’ve only seen more than one frame in the same square on generated wreckage.

Ah. Thanks for the help!

wreckage vehicles (what are mix of multiple vehicle wrecks) sometimes have more frames on one title, while most parts are broken they still give a lot of raw resources