Vehicle can't crush the enemy?

Since we have a tank something bigger vehicle for now, I think mabye we need to change it’s moveing, so far the vehicle can only bump off the enemy, but can’t actually crush it

the tank supposed be slower vehicle, if you try to driving into the enemy, it was definitely not deal very much damage if you try to hit them, but can’t you tank or something bigger vehicle just knock the enemy on the ground, and ran them over? it will be much easier to killing them, and also wont be take much damage on you vehicle, right?

Tanks can easily go up to 80-90 km\h in real life, so it won’t just “bump” you around as well.

Unlikely to happen. It would be hard to represent critters below the vehicle due to how critter and vehicle system works.

Yeah, it’s one of those things that personally I would love to see, but that we are limited by the engine in implementing.

Army Humvee’s and tanks can drive over tree’s… The Humvee needs to stick to smaller ones, but that kind of weight hitting anything is not going to ‘brush’ it away.

from a vehicle, there’s all kinds of stats on average effects on a pedestrian (human not zombie) @ 30mph the average death rate is 40-55%. 40mph it’s 80-85%. It’s not linear.

20mph and less is about 5-10%.

As for ‘damage’ It’s easier to represent it all in one damage spike.