Acid Zombies Should Hurt Vehicles that Run into them

Vehicles that run into acid zombies should get damage from the acid slashing.

Currently road roller is an infinite zombie killing machine.

I think its been said in here somewhere that if zombie’s acid was corrosive enough to damage cars in any noticeable time, players would lose their feet as soon as they stepped on an acid pool.
Road rollers are quite heavy, and Zs are far from being the most damaging obstacle for a vehicle, so it doesn’t seem too game-breaking for me.

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Might as well be salt water zombies. Lol

Is there a value that varies damage to a vehicle when hitting monsters? Is it just monster size? Is that the only thing size really does?

I’m pretty sure monster size also influences how easy it is to hit a monster (ranged or melee).
I never code dived though so I don’t know about what else depends on monster size, or impacts vehicle impact (heh) damage.