Vampiric Stuff V1.0 (WIP)
download here…

Vampiric stuff mod adds a various items, npcs, structures, and monsters that corresponds to its name. It’s still unpolished, and I could need some suggestions to implement into the mod (that’s why I’m here).

You can try the current state of this mod, and I’m sure its compatible with your latest launcher.

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Sorry for inconvenience… I’ll fix it :neutral_face:

I’m interested, but I don’t really want to try if I don’t know what’s in it. Could you put up a list of features?

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Sorry… I was rushing this post, but once you download it, load it with the launcher or read the .txt file for formation.

Could you please put it up on github or gitlab so its easier to track and examine?

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Okay… Github hates me (too stupid to understand that), so I’ll have to promise that my zip file is pure.

I meant you should post the feature list in your original post of this topic, so people know what it is BEFORE they download it, and know you aren’t just trying to give people a virus or something.

EDIT: Preferably an actual list detailing what people can find in the mod and/or how they should get started with it.

I also looked through the files a bit, it seems like you really put a lot of work into it and you’ve put in some impressive features. That said, you should probably have someone go through the grammar and spelling of the descriptions. You might also refrain from things like referencing the book you got the recipe from in the description, since all ingame descriptions just describe the item itself.

Whoa, sorry about that… I don’t care about the virus (cause I’m clean, and those coding is from android). I’m new here and does it mean I’m just a pest here?

About referencing books, I know it’s obvious, but it’s a part of being “WIP”. Obvious shits happens at first, bruh. Then lets get this overcomplicated when it’s fully developed.

Hey I’m not telling you to do anything, that was just some honest feedback.

Haha, it’s true, buddy. My descriptions are dumb at first (because I have to layout the actual concept), and when the final updates are rolling in (wherein all things are completely implemented), I will fix those and YEY! whole month job is done and no more shit…

–Permission for what? Do you mean adding it into the launcher itself? You don’t need to do that, just unzip it, go to the cataclysm directory, find where mods folder is, then plop it in with all the others. After that, activating the mod is just like any other.
–I’m totally going to try out this mod when I get the chance, it sounds awesome!