Problem of the Shoddy Laser Rifle

Hello Everyone,
I’m facing a big problem for making Shoddy Laser Rifle. I got all materials but the ‘Laser optics’. I had searched in Lab, electronic shop, Gun shop, etc but still could not get one. Bros, How and where could I get one please.

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Laser optics is an aftershock specific item, it’s ID is “afs_optics_3” and it is found as part of “afs_advanced_optics_scrapgroup” which (according to the mod) should be added to the “science” and “tools_robotics” item groups from vanilla CDDA.

So, not Gun shop but you should be good looking in Labs. The RNG might just not have been with you.

Thank you Bro, that means I have to kill and loot scientist zombie?the Lab what I mentioned is a small Lab( Green colored L shown on the map)
A funny point here, I make Shoddy laser rifle for killing weak Zombies.if I could break in the huge Lab and clear the zombie inside, that means I got high power weapon. BUT Now, I am just using staff sling to kill normal zombie. Facing the Army zombie or hulk zombie, I only can run run and run. So poor

any particular reason you want the laser rifle specifically?

The reason is the shoddy laser rifle ammo only need battery then I could charge the battery by the solar!

Any weapon suggestions for me please, I’m now only using staff sling

If you get lucky, you might find a non-shoddy laser rifle before you get the parts to make your shoddy one. I agree that not needing ammunition can be a real plus, at least until you can harvest some turrets for their ammo.

Thank you Bro. Is that Laser rifle drop from Army zombie or robot ?

Pretty sure I got a laser pistol from a zombie soldier drop. Not sure about laser rifle, that might have been from a military base. I use them with a UPS with a car battery mod, it runs out fairly fast on burst fire mode so I keep a whole lot of car batteries installed on my vehicle to recharge.

it’d be a VERY rare drop if you did find one, and you’d have to use a UPS for either or yeah. even with solar powered weaponry you’d need to be veeery careful with your ‘ammunition’ power-wise.

early game, if you’ve got a sling staff, might as well go for a gun shop on the outskirts of town if you’re lucky, or find a shelter with a hidden room.

For laser pistols, I didn’t just find one I found TWO. :smiley:

If I remember correctly you can also make a rifle out of the fusion blaster arm CBM, maybe try looking for those as well?

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Oh dear, you are the lucky one :slight_smile:

I had been playing CDDA for a long time, but never tried to install any CBM. Seems I need to try and find some tips on wiki :smiley:

The plasma arm cannon was both deprecated to aftershock, then subsequently removed from craft and spawn lists as far as I know. There are actual plasma and laser weapons you can find in military locations like outposts and lab magazines.
Edit: I found my go to side arm v29 laser pistol in am outpost.

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the one place i know for sure you can find a laser weapon… though it may be a bit tricky… if you have the cataclysm++ mod installed, there’s a particular lab bunker you can find with one ‘evelyn rose, bio hunter’ residing in it, you’ll know you’ve found it if you see a bunch of augmented abominations fighting a bunch of zombie augmented abominations.

if you can somehow sneak into the building and down below, evelyn will clear out a majority of the zombies (she’s got a bitchin laser gun, but it uses nuclear batteries)

theres ALWAYS a laser rifle there, as well as an autodoc, autoclave and autoclave pouches. might be a good way to start getting into CBM’s, especially if you kill the augmented abominations up top and disect em~
also lots of military zombies, so military gear (though its dirty.)

That’s just disappointing. I remember that was my go-to weapon when I found that cbm.

Thank you zantanzuken, I didn’t install that mod. I’m now trying to kill those army zombie but I’m running out of ammo.LOL. They are too many. If I can’t beat them, then I am going to join them.

I mean if you’re looking for a weapon to use for a vehicle turret I recommend the fusion Buster rifle you make from the arm Cannon CBM. Aside from the ridiculous Splash damage capable of killing yourself it’s really good against hordes at long range.