V0.7.1 car examination anomaly

I examined all generated cars and found several abnormal ones.
On attached pictures the same car looks completely different.

= will change to H when the orientation of the vehicle changes from north/south to east/west the same way - changes to |.

This has been in since vanilla cataclysm has been abandoned, and is most likely intended.

Thanx for clarification.
Originally I got a crash when examined a car so I thought this behavior may be related.
Ok, I will try to reproduce it.

That problem was fixed in the .7->.7.1 update.

Maybe it will upset you, but I’ve definitely got this crash in 0.7.1

Upd: reproduced in debug mode.

Steps to reproduce the crash:

  1. Find the car with doors (pic.1).
  2. Make a step left to the selected door.
  3. Make one more step left.
  4. parts_here is empty so we are trying to unmount cpart == -1 (pic.2)

Thanks for finding this, I haven’t had a chance to test it yet, but this should fix it.

I actually can’t replicate this, so if anyone who can would like to test kevin’s pull request that would be very helpful.

Sorry, can’t reproduce this crash even without fix. Looks like I have lost some indispensable condition.